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Authorised Cambridge Assessment English Exam Centre PL017

newCOSMOPOLITAN Foreign Languages Centre is an Authorised Examination Centre Cambridge Assessment English  PL017 operating in the city of Opole and Opolskie province.

We are authorized to conduct the most popular Cambridge English exams, confirming the knowledge of English at all levels.

Cambridge English exams are dedicated to people of all ages and professions. These include exams for children, schoolchildren, students and adults.

We particularly recommend them to people planning to go abroad, ambitious school students applying to study in the best secondary  schools, as well as people dreaming of studying at renowned universities in Poland or abroad. We also offer them to entrepreneurs and employees who cooperate or intend to establish contacts with international companies, corporations, institutions or organizations and foundations.

Having a Cambridge English certificate is a prestigious confirmation of your knowledge of English, but not only that. It also says a lot about what kind of person you are – ambitious, hardworking and aiming directly at success!

Choose an exam that suits your needs and your current level of English proficiency.

Take advantage of our language courses.  newCOSMOPOLITAN Foreign Languages Centre will prepare you effectively for every Cambridge English exam. We have courses for younger children, older children, junior high school students, high school students and adults in general  and business English.

We cordially invite you!

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Why Cambridge English?

Exams levels

Preparing for an exam

For many years now,  newCOSMOPOLITAN Foreign Languages Centre has been preparing its students for Cambridge English exams as part of the courses organised by the Centre.

Children and teenagers participating in our standard courses are prepared for  Pre A1 Starters, A1 Movers, A2 Flyers, A2 Key, B1 Preliminary exams at the same time. High school students,  university students and adults wishing to prepare for B2 First, C1 Advanced, C2 Proficiency or BEC exams enroll for exam preparation courses.

The curriculum for all Cambridge English exam preparation courses covers grammar and vocabulary according to the level and age of students. In addition, students systematically develop all language skills: writing, reading and listening comprehension, with particular emphasis on the ability to speak English freely.

We pay a lot of attention to ensure that our students get familiar with exam techniques and strategies, thanks to which they are able to effectively solve particular types of exam tasks occurring in different parts of the exam (written and oral).  Our students practise solving tests with us, get used to audio materials, get to know the rules of writing essays and improve their freedom of oral expression.

One of the elements of preparation for the Cambridge English exams is also participation in a mock exam.

All our courses are conducted by experienced teachers, including Cambridge Assessment English examiners. Thanks to this, our students have the opportunity to obtain practical information on individual parts of the exam, as well as guidance on the requirements imposed on them during its duration.

Students who would like to prepare for an exam of their choice at their own pace are offered individual classes.

The effectiveness of the Cambridge English exam preparation courses organized by us in different age groups is best demonstrated by the high percentage of people passing  the exams with high marks.

PLEASE NOTE that enrolment in a Cambridge English Preparation Course does not mean that you will be automatically enrolled in an external exam. The prices for Cambridge English exam preparation courses do not include fees for a mock and external exams.

Mock exams

Candidates who already feel well prepared for their selected  Cambridge English exam are invited to take the Mock Exam organized by newCOSMOPOLITAN Foreign Languages Centre a few months before the final external exam.

Mock exams are conducted strictly according to the rules of real Cambridge English exams, so we can check whether we are ready to take an external exam. They also make it possible to use exam techniques in practice. Along with the results of a trial exam, we also receive information about our strengths and tips on the elements that still need to be worked on in order to pass it at the highest grade.

We organize mock exams both for participants of our courses as well as people who are not our students. Mock exam dates and fees are available at our centre.

Participation in a mock exam is possible after a prior registration at our center and payment of a fee.

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