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Spring 2021

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    Exam dates:

    ExamLevelWritten part Speaking partRegistration date
    KeyA220/03/2021 (Saturday)07/03/2021–29/03/202102/02/2021
    Key for SchoolsA206/03/2021 (Saturday)21/02/2021–15/03/202115/01/2021
    PreliminaryB120/03/2021 (Saturday)07/03/2021–29/03/202102/02/2021
    Preliminary for SchoolsB106/03/2021 (Saturday)21/02/2021–15/03/202115/01/2021
    First 1B206/03/2021 (Saturday)21/02/2021–15/03/202115/01/2021
    First 2B217/04/2021 (Saturday)04/04/2021–26/04/202126/02/2021
    First for SchoolsB220/03/2021 (Saturday)07/03/2021–29/03/202102/02/2021
    Advanced 1C106/02/2021 (Saturday)29/01/2021–07/02/202122/12/2020
    Advanced 2C113/03/2021 (Saturday)05/03/2021–14/03/202102/02/2021
    Advanced 3C117/04/2021 (Saturday)09/04/2021–18/04/202105/03/2021
    ProficiencyC206/03/2021 (Saturday)26/02/2021–07/03/202115/01/2021
    ExamLevelWritten part Speaking part *Registration date*
    Business PreliminaryB116/04/2021 (Friday)09/04/2021–18/04/202105/03/2021
    Business VantageB212/03/2021 (Friday)05/03/2021–14/03/202102/02/2021
    Business HigherC1---

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    EgzaminCena standardowa (zł)Termin egzaminu
    Key for Schools420February-March
    Preliminary for Schools440February-March
    First 1700February-March
    First 2700April
    First for Schools700March
    Advanced 1740January-February
    Advanced 2740March
    Advanced 3740April
    Key for Schools360April
    Preliminary for Schools375April
    Starters, Movers, Flyers295April
    First for Schools600April
    EgzaminPoziomCzęść pisemna
    Business Preliminary465April
    Business Vantage740March
    Business Higher810-

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Summer 2021

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    Exam dates:

    ExamLevelWritten partSpeaking part Registration
    KeyA208/05/2021 (Saturday)18/04 - 10/05/202112/03/2021
    Key for Schools A212/06/2021 (Saturday)30/05 - 13/06/202123/04/2021
    PreliminaryB108/05/2021 (Saturday)18/04 - 10/05/202112/03/2021
    Preliminary for Schools (PETfS)B112/06/2021 (Saturday)30/05 - 13/06/202123/04/2021
    First 1B215/05/2021 (Saturday)02/05 - 24/05/202126/03/2021
    First 2B212/06/2021 (Saturday)30/05 – 13/06/202123/04/2021
    First 3B219/06/2021 (Saturday)30/05 – 21/06/202123/04/2021
    First 4B229/07/2021 (Thursday)11/07 – 02/08/202101/06/2021
    First for SchoolsB226/06/2021 (Saturday)13/06 – 05/07/202107/05/2021
    Advanced 1C115/05/2021 (Saturday)07/05 – 16/05/202129/03/2021
    Advanced 2C119/06/2021 (Saturday)11/06 – 20/06/202105/05/2021
    Advanced 3C130/07/2021 (Friday)23/07 – 01/08/202118/06/2021
    ProficiencyC211/06/2021 (Friday)04/06 – 13/06/202130/04/2021
    ExamLevelWritten partSpeaking part* Registration*
    StartersPre A112/06/2021 (Saturday)12/06/2021 (Saturday)23/04/2021
    MoversA112/06/2021 (Saturday)12/06/2021 (Saturday)23/04/2021
    FlyersA212/06/2021 (Saturday)12/06/2021 (Saturday)23/04/2021
    ExamLevelWritten partSpeaking part* Registration*
    Business PreliminaryB115/05/2021 (Saturday)07/05 – 16/05/202129/03/2021
    Business VantageB229/05/2021 (Saturday)21/05 – 30/05/202116/04/2021
    Business HigherC122/05/2021 (Saturday)14/05 – 23/05/202109/04/2021

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    ExamRegular fee (zł)Exam date
    Key (KET)420April-May
    Key for Schools (KETfS)420May-June
    Preliminary (PET)440April-May
    Preliminary for Schools (PETfS)440May-June
    First 1 (FCE)700May
    First 2 (FCE)700May-June
    First 3 (FCE)700July-August
    First for Schools (FCEfS)700June-July
    Advanced 1 (CAE)740May
    Advanced 2 (CAE)740June
    Advanced 3 (CAE)740July-August
    Business Preliminary (BEC Preliminary)465May
    Business Vantage (BEC Vantage)740May
    Business Higher (BEC Higher)810May

autumn (1)

Autumn 2021

  1. 1
    Exam dates:

    ExamLevelWritten partSpeaking partRegistration
    KeyA203/12/2021 (Friday)26/11 – 05/12/202122/10/2021
    Key for SchoolsA211/12/2021 (Saturday)03/12 – 12/12/202129/10/2021
    PreliminaryB103/12/2021 (Friday)26/11 – 05/12/202122/10/2021
    Preliminary for SchoolsB111/12/2021 (Saturday)03/12 – 12/12/202129/10/2021
    First 1B206/11/2021 (Saturday)29/10 – 07/11/202124/09/2021
    First 2B211/12/2021 (Saturday)03/12 – 12/12/202129/10/2021
    First for SchoolsB204/12/2021 (Saturday)26/11 – 05/12/202122/10/2021
    Advanced 1C106/11/2021 (Saturday)29/10 – 07/11/2021 24/09/2021
    Advanced 2C111/12/2021 (Saturday)03/12 – 12/12/202129/10/2021
    ProficiencyC227/11/2021 (Saturday)19/11 – 28/11/202115/10/2021
    ExamLevelWritten part*Speaking part*Registration*
    Business PreliminaryB127/11/2021 (Saturday)19/11 – 28/11/202115/10/2021
    Business VantageB204/12/2021 (Saturday)26/11 – 05/12/202122/10/2021
    Business HigherC120/11/2021 (Saturday)12/11 – 21/11/202108/10/2021

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    ExamRegular fee (zł)Exam date
    Key (KET)420November-December
    Key for Schools (KETfS)420December
    Preliminary (PET)440November-December
    Preliminary for Schools (PETfS)440December
    First 1 (FCE)700October-November
    First 2 (FCE)700December
    First for Schools (FCEfS)700November-December
    Advanced 1 (CAE)740October-November
    Advanced 2 (CAE)740December
    Proficiency 1 (CPE)795November
    Business Preliminary (BEC Preliminary)465November
    Business Vantage (BEC Vantage)740November-December
    Business Higher (BEC Higher)810November

  • * All the details concerning exam dates will be published after being agreed with Cambridge Assessment English
  • The registration refers to individual candidates and groups registered by universities, schools, firms and institutions
  • The registration deadline is also the deadline for payment for an exam and fulfilling registration requirements

Exam fee sholud be transferred to the following bank account:

newCOSMOPOLITAN Centrum Egzaminacyjne

Ozimska 48, 45-368 Opole
Bank Pekao S.A. Oddział Opole
Wolności 3, 45-018 Opole
21 1240 5178 1111 0010 5668 6312

Bank transfer should be named as follows:

  • Candidate’s name and surname (in case of individual registration)
  • The name of university, school, firm or institution (in case of group registration)
  • The symbol of an exam and an exam session date

Please, read Cambridge English Regulations before registering for an exam

Exam fees may increase.

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